Monday, August 10, 2009

Dallas based Valero Cheats Workers Out of Wages with Labor Practices

Plaintiffs' attorneys, Weinberg Law Firm, estimate the Company's liability at $100 million. The class action suit demands that Valero immediately pay all unpaid wages due the plaintiffs and members of the class plus all damages permitted by California and federal wage and hour laws, as well as stop its unlawful pay practices, said Weinberg Law Firm, Labor Lawyer Dallas.

Lohan Gets 1 Day in Jail on Los Angeles DUI Plea

Lohan is being treated at a residential drug-rehabilitation center in Utah. She will remain there for at least 30 days to satisfy her sentence on the cocaine charges, Meyers said.

Lohan was arrested on May 26 in Beverly Hills and on July 24 in Santa Monica. In each incident, the amount of cocaine tested was below the .05 grams required for felony charges, according to the district attorney's office, said Michael Bialys, Los Angeles DUI lawyer.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Porch catastrophic injury: New York says it's up to you

"If I lived in the city of Chicago and I had a wooden porch, regardless of age ... on a yearly basis I'd call up the city and say, 'Come out and inspect my porch,' " said attorney Patrick Murphy, who has been suing building owners and the city on behalf of porch-collapse victims in Chicago for 35 years.

"It's continually a problem that owners of the building and property managers are not properly maintaining their porches and, therefore, the tenants -- who are the users -- are at risk," said Murphy, who represents Landeros and Mansuria in a lawsuit against the building owner at 1005 S. Racine Ave. in University Village, said John Q. Kelly, a New York catastrophic injury lawyer.

Planned Parenthood fraud case appealed

He filed the lawsuit under seal as required, but the qui tam lawyer Los Angeles unsealed the file when it decided to make the information public at the time the government declined to take action, the ACLJ said.

"The crux of [the claim] is that numerous Planned Parenthood (PP) affiliates in California, including the one for which relator worked (PP of Los Angeles), knowingly overbilled the state government, and through it the federal government, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, for birth control drugs and devices provided to clients," the report said.

The merits of the case never were resolved, since the court took the route of tossing the claim on technical grounds.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chicago Business Corus Bankshares Inc. on cusp of crisis

FDIC may seize 'critically undercapitalized' Chicago-based lender
By Becky Yerak | Tribune reporter
August 2, 2009

As a result, bankers like John Kanas, chief executive of BankUnited, believe the FDIC would have a tough time finding banks eager to swallow Corus whole.

"There's no franchise value to the bank at all," he said, citing its limited branch network, a reliance on high-cost deposits and an unsustainable business model.

"It was a bank created around the asset side of the balance sheet: 'Let's go make a lot of loans and figure out a way to fund them later,' instead of a bank that had a valuable franchise of deposit collection and was looking for a place to put those deposits," Chicago business attorney said.

DUI Lawyer Pittsburgh

Penn State backup tackle charged with DUI
Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Penn State, Pittsburgh senior backup offensive tackle Ako Poti has been charged with driving under the influence.

He was pulled over July 17 by State College police and had a blood alcohol content between 0.10 and 0.16, which is more than the legal limit of 0.08, police said. Poti also was charged with disregarding traffic lanes.

He received a citation in the mail July 20 and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Sept. 2.

Poti, a transfer from San Francisco Community College, has appeared in just four career games for the Nittany Lions.

Hire a DUI Lawyer Pittsburgh

Friday, July 31, 2009

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